About Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights
Our mission:  Maine Voices for Palestinian Rights works to support nonviolent efforts toward an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories and to recognize political and human rights and dignity for all Palestinian people. We also seek to achieve a mutually agreeable resolution to the injustice done to the Palestinians expelled from their ancestral homes. To accomplish these goals, we work through educational outreach to make vital information accessible and through fund raising to support humanitarian aid for Palestinians. MVPR believes that a lasting peace will come when all people in Palestine and Israel enjoy security, prosperity, justice and respect.
What we do:  To fulfill our mission we do a wide range of activities designed both to educate the public and assist those providing direct aid to Palestinians.  We bring to Portland outstanding speakers, ranging from scholars and journalists to activists and authors, and show films that illuminate and make personal the Palestinian/Israeli conflict.  We also do a vigil/educational outreach every Friday in the Old Port section of Portland.  Finally, we conduct fund raisers to support various organizations providing direct aid to Palestinians suffering from Israel’s siege of Gaza and repressive policies in the West Bank.
    Rights denied to Palestinians:

  • The Right to marry and live with the person they choose and to bring their family together in the home of their choice without fear of their homes being arbitrarily demolished by bulldozers

  • The Right to dig wells on their own land or otherwise gain access to adequate clean water

  • The Right to protection against unreasonable intrusions and searches, and against arrest and imprisonment without due process of law

  • The Right to own property that cannot be seized and given to others on the basis of religion or ethnicity

  • The Right to their children’s protection from unwarranted arrest, abuse and imprisonment

  • The Right to freedom of movement throughout the Palestinian territories

  • The Right to non-discriminatory planning, zoning, construction, development, provision of public services, and use of scarce area resources

  • The Right to protection & redress against discriminatory racism, including denial of educational opportunities as well as abusive and violent actions by military, police, and hostile settlers

  • The Right to nonviolent protest against unfair laws and policies without state harassment, arrest, & imprisonment

  • The Right, internationally guaranteed by UN Resolution 194, “to return to their homes [from which they have been expelled from 1947 to the present] and live in peace with their neighbors”. (Resolution 194 has been affirmed over 110 times since it was approved in 1948.)

  • The Right to national self-determination within their own land

    How you can help:

  • Become better informed by getting on MVPR’s email list, browsing key websites, and reading core texts.

  • Email or call our Congressional delegation or write a letter to the editor expressing your support for Palestinians’ rights.

  • Share informative flyers, postcards and articles with family, friends, and co-workers.

  • Get a family member, friend, or co-worker to come to one of MVPR’s events.

  • Participate in our Friday vigil and educational outreach in Portland’s Old Port Exchange. 

  • Donate to MVPR and support our efforts to bring to light the denial of Palestinian human rights so that we can then advocate more effectively for those rights.

Websites we recommend:

Jewish Voice for Peace
Inspired by Jewish tradition to work together for peace, social justice, equality, and human rights. 

Center for Arab Rights in Israel

Association for Civil Rights in Israel

Palestinian Center for Human Rights

    The Israel Information Center for Human                 Rights in the Occupied Territories                                                                                      
To contact MVPR and/or to become
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Tel: 207.239.8060
Board of Directors
Bob Schaible, Chair
Sally Bowden-Schaible
Marie Galland
        Kathleen Grover       Tina Malcolmson
  Emmy Raviv
    Lori Somlyo
Wells Staley-Mays

MVPR is an affiliate of 
Peace Action Maine 

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