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Voices for 
Two segments of the "Free Gaza and End the Occupation" rally on Friday, July 18th -- Noon to 1:00 and then the Muslim community joined us after Friday prayers, 1:30 to 3:00. Overall there were about 200 people present!
Naming the dead: Gaza July 8-17th
People of all ages and faiths joined together in protesting Israel's brutal assault on Gaza.
July 18, 2014
DID YOU KNOW: If the $73,750,000 Mainers will fork out via taxes paid from 2009-2018 were used at home, we could provide primary health care for over 59,000 Mainers EACH of those ten years! 
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Dear Friends,

For three days at the CGF, we had an almost steady stream of visitors, including a family of three-generations of Palestinians, three young Palestinian women (separate), one as blonde and fair as Ahed Tamimi, the Palestinian woman who slapped the soldier. They were all so excited to find our booth. One told of how her 90 year old grandmother was rough-handled by members of the world ‘s most moral army, who were looking for someone and dragged the old woman as they went door to door, using her as a shield. Soon after that treatment she died. She was so happy to know there us a group telling people the truth about Israel's treament of Palestinians.

Many others came up saying how thankful they were to see our booth there, and quite a few spoke with great fervor on behalf of Palestinians; several were extremely well informed. Some reached out in such firm handshakes while saying “I am so grateful you people are doing this work!”

A lot who approached us were sympathetic but knew only a little and were eager to play our spinning wheel game and learn more, glad to get our handouts. I went with about 100+ "Origin of the Conflict booklets" and brought only one home! We got good donations and made many sales of buttons, bumper stickers and booklets.

We collected some 250 signatures on the combination of our postcards (for Sen. King) and our petition to our Congressional delegation.

One young woman, late Sunday, , stood waiting while I had a long and fruitful talk with a husband and wife. He had a number of misconceptions but was willing to listen and learn. This woman, who looked like she could be Anna Baltzer’s sister, just beamed as I was explaining to the couple the way Israel had actually started the 67 War and, following the conflict, how it got US leaders to believe it was trying to negotiate with Palestinians when it wasn’t. Finally, she interrupted to reach out and grabbed my hand so firmly and said, “ I’m sorry to interrupt but I’ve gotta go. I just wanted to tell you the work you’re doing is what my grandfather did for twenty years before he died , and I just want to thank you for what you’re doing. “. She patted her heart as she turned to leave and said again, “Thank you so much.”

Folks, we can not stop this work because so many people are eager for it; they want justice for Palestinians. And many others are interested and eager to know the truth.

We couldn't have done this without those people who helped prepare materials and staff the booth (you know who you are!) What a team! Thank you!  

Next RALLY on behalf of Palestinian human rights:
October 11th at noon on the corners of Middle & Exchange Streets, Portland, ME.