Recommended current articles

LinkMilitary Court Watch 
Updated report on Palestinian children in Israeli prisons. Also, video from 
Breaking the Silence on how Israeli military takes over Palestinian home in Hebron 
for a full week just as a military exercise.

Link:  ICC jurisdiction extended to Israel-occupied West Bank, Gaza 
Daily Sabah, German Press Agency - DPA (Feb 05, 2021)

Link:  Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace? Try Confederation
New York Times | Opinion, Bernard Avishai and Sam Bahour (Feb 12, 2021)

Link:  Abbas is a Mouthpiece for International Impositions on Palestine
The Palestine Chronical, Ramona Wadi (Feb 13, 2020)

Link:  Firing Bronx History Teacher Over Israel Criticism Chills Free Speech & Human Rights Advocacy
Palestine Legal  (Jan 17, 2020)

Link:  Whoever Wins Israel's Next Election Will Be a Right-winger 
Haaretz, Anshel Pfeffer  (Jan 20, 2020)

Link:  After 10 years of voting for Israel, Canada supports pro-Palestine UN resolution
Middle East Monitor  (Nov 20, 2019)

Link:  Israel Is Killing Children Asleep In Their Homes. Humans. Not Numbers. Again. 
Abby Zimet, Further columnist, Common Dream  (Nov 14, 2019) ​

Link:  No One in Israel Knew They Were Committing a Massacre, and They Didn't Care 
Gideon Levy, Haaretz Opinion  (Nov 17, 2019)

Link:  From heat waves to 'eco-apartheid': Climate change in Israel-Palestine​     
Matan Kaminer, Basma Fahoum, and Edo Konrad, Blogpost in +972 (08/08/19) 

Link:  The Meaning of Israel’s Massive Housing Demolitions in East Jerusalem
Jeff Halper, The Nation (August 6, 2019)

Link:  Incoming Harvard Freshman Deported After Visa Revoked  
Shera S. Avi-Yonah and Delano R. Franklin, The Harvard Crimson (August 27, 2019)

Link:  What the House Anti-BDS Resolution Reveals About the Palestine Solidarity Movement  
Phyllis Bennis, The Nation  (July 29, 2019)   

Link:  Gaza unemployment soars as medicine stocks hit zero  
Maureen Clare Murphy, Rights and Accountability, The Electric Intifada (06/17/ 2019)

Link:  Key American allies in the Middle East are the real tyrants
Danny Sjursen, Mondoweiss (03/31/2019)

Link: The Emperor's New Palestine
 Jonathan Ofir, Mondoweiss (05/24/2019)

Link   'The Essence of Being Palestinian': What the Great March of Return is Really About
Ramzy Baroud, Mondoweiss (04/03/2019)

Link    "Ilhan Omar says AIPAC influences Congress using money and Israel supporters erupt in fury"  
Philip Weiss, Mondoweiss (02/11/2019)

Link    "Michelle Alexander is Right About Israel-Palestine" Marjorie Cohn, Truthout, (01/25/2019)

Link   "Time to Break the Silence on Palestine" Michelle Alexander, Opinion Columnist, NYT (01/20/2019)
Martin Luther King Jr. courageously spoke out about the Vietnam War. We must do the same when it comes to this grave injustice of our time.

Link   Israel opens dams that flood Gaza valley displacing hundreds of Palestinians.

Link   Document leaks show Israel's true assessment of Iran's nuclear capability.

Link   U.S. trade deal seeks to crush the boycott (BDS) movement

Link   To catch Netanyahu in one of his egregious lies, read this article that exposes his latest effort to fool people in Israel and here in the U.S.

Link  "Christian Evangelicals Increasingly Support Palestinian Human Rights"

Link   This biting, ironic piece, "Porn-Again Zionism.", is by a new blogger Bradley Burston, in Israel's liberal paper Haaretz. Name of Burston's blog: "A Special Place in Hell."  

Link   This exceptionally good article for understanding the roots of the conflict (is perhaps the best I've ever read) was written by Dr. Natasha Gill, a research associate at Barnard. Appeared on website of the Middle East Policy Council. 

Link   Israeli Soldiers Refuse to Spy

Link   International Laws Israel Violates

Link   How Israel Was Created

Recommended Books:

Notable Israel-Palestine Literature

Aruri, Naseer Hasan. Dishonest Broker: The U.S. Role in Israel and Palestine. Cambridge, MA: South End, 2003.
“A powerful corrective to illusion and misrepresentation.” –Noam Chomsky

Baltzer, Anna. Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories. Boulder, Co.: Paradigm, 2007. 
“Moving and vivid.” –Tanya Reinhart

Barghouti, Omar. BDS: Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions: The Global Struggle for Palestinian Rights. Chicago, IL: Haymarket, 2011.
“Omar Barghouti’s lucid and morally compelling book is perfectly timed to make a major contribution to this urgently needed global campaign for justice, freedom, and peace.” –Desmond Tutu

Beinart, Peter. The Crisis of Zionism. New York: Times /Henry Holt, 2012.
“Peter Beinart has written a deeply important book for anyone who cares about Israel, its security, its democracy, and its prospects for a just and lasting peace.”  –President Bill Clinton

Bishara, Amahl A. Back Stories: U.S. News Production and Palestinian Politics. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 
“Amahl Bishara breaks new ground in her exploration of Palestinian-Israeli-American dynamics of control, protest, and resistance.”  
-Rami Khouri 

Blumenthal, Max. Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel. N.p.: n.p., n.d. 
“It is about time someone wrote this book.”  -Charles Glass

Braverman, Mark. Fatal Embrace: Christians, Jews, and the Search for Peace in the Holy Land. Austin, TX: Synergy, 2010. 
“A brilliant book… Vitally important for understanding the roots and abiding causes of the Palestinian conflict.”  -Naim Ateek

Christison, Kathleen. Perceptions of Palestine: Their Influence on U.S. Middle East Policy. Berkeley: U of California, 1999. 
“After reading this book, it will be impossible not to wince the next time a representative of the U.S. government describes America as an honest broker.”

Cook, Jonathan. Blood and Religion: The Unmasking of the Jewish and Democratic State. London: Pluto, 2006. 
“Very impressive…. Some of his findings will astound even the knowledgeable reader.”  –Salim Tamari

Ellis, Marc H. Judaism Does Not Equal Israel. New York: New, 2009. 
“We will all be the poorer if Ellis’s voice is not heeded, but how wonderfully enriched it is.” -Desmond Tutu

Ellis, Marc H. Practicing Exile: The Religious Odyssey of an American Jew. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 2002. 
“As a traditional, even evangelical, Christian, I should have many reasons to be uncomfortable with Marc Ellis’s appeals, but I am deeply moved and affected in lasting ways. He is convincing…”  –Wes Avram, Yale Divinity School

Ellis, Marc H. Unholy Alliance: Religion and Atrocity in Our Time. Minneapolis, MN: Fortress, 1997.
“This perceptive and well-conceived book offers the reader a masterful analysis of one of the most compelling issues of our age.”  
-George McGovern

Finkelstein, Norman G. Image and Reality: Israel-Palestine Conflict. N.p.: Verso, 1994. 
“This is the most revealing study of the historical background of the conflict and the current peace agreement.”  -Noam Chomsky 

Finkelstein, Norman G. "This Time We Went Too Far": Truth and Consequences of the Gaza Invasion. New York: OR, 2010. 
“A very impressive, learned and careful scholar.” –Avi Shlaim

Giladi, Naeim. Ben Gurion's Scandals: How the Haganah & the Mossad Eliminated Jews. Flushing, NY: Glilit Pub., 1992. 
“I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called, ‘cruel Zionism.’ I write about it because I was a part of it.”  –Naeim Giladali

Grodzinsky, Yosef. In the Shadow of the Holocaust: The Struggle between Jews and Zionists in the Aftermath of World War II. Monroe, Me.: Common Courage, 2004. 
“Yosef Grodzinsky has an important story to tell… His book shows that Zionist arrogance was there even before it was directed at Palestinians…”
-Rabbi Michael Lerner

Halper, Jeff. An Israeli in Palestine: Resisting Dispossession, Redeeming Israel. London: Pluto, 2008. 
“Drawing on his many years of directly challenging Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians, he offers one of the most insightful analyses of the Occupation I’ve read. His voice cries out to be heard.”  -Jonathan Cook

Horowitz, Adam, Lizzy Ratner, and Philip Weiss. The Goldstone Report. New York: Nation, 2011. 
“Israelis and Palestinians must read it.”  -Desmond Tutu

Karmi, Ghada. Married to Another Man: Israel's Dilemma in Palestine. London: Pluto, 2007. 
“A compelling read… Well written and extraordinarily honest.”  -Dr. Nur Masalha

Khalidi, Rashid. The Iron Cage: The Story of the Palestinian Struggle for Statehood. Boston: Beacon, 2006.  
“A first-rate and up-to-date historical and political analysis of the Palestinian predicament.”  -Publisher’s Weekly 100 Best Books 

Khalidi, Walid. All That Remains. Baltimore, Maryland: Port City, 1992. 
“A monumental effort… A major achievement.”  -Roger Owen

Kovel, Joel. Overcoming Zionism: Creating a Single Democratic State in Israel/Palestine. London: Pluto, 2007. 
“Written with passion and eloquence… This book should be read by all those concerned with the survival of the human species.” 
 -Istvan Meszaros

Kushner, Tony, and Alisa Solomon. Wrestling with Zion: Progressive Jewish-American Responses to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict. New York: Grove, 2003.
“Wrestling with Zion brings together prominent poets, essayists, journalists, activists, academics, novelists and playwrights representing the diversity of opinion in the progressive Jewish-American community regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

McCann, Colum. Apeirogon. New York: Random House, 2020.
"In Apeirogon, McCann unfurls the story of two fathers, one Palestinian and one Israeli, who have both lost their daughters to the violence that surrounds them. Over the course of the day, these two men’s lives intertwine as they attempt to use their grief as a weapon for peace."
Al Woodworth, Amazon Book Review

Morris, Benny. Righteous Victims: A History of the Zionist-Arab Conflict, 1881-1999. New York: Knopf, 1999. Print. 
“Fascinating…. Comes at a critical juncture.” –The Washington Times

Neumann, Michael. The Case against Israel. Petrolia, CA: CounterPunch, 2005.
“Michael Neumannn argues a brilliant case against the legitimacy of Zionism, whose essence has been the pursuit of Jewish ethnic domination over Palestine.”  -Kathy Christson

Nusseibeh, Sari, and Anthony David. Once upon a Country: A Palestinian Life. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2007. 
“Terrific…. Highly recommend for those who want to appreciate the dilemma the Palestinian democrat.”  –Christopher Hitchens

Nusseibeh, Sari. What Is a Palestinian State Worth? Cambridge, MA: Harvard UP, 2011. 
“Nusseibeh’s autobiography is, perhaps, the most important to emerge from the Middle East for decades.”  -Moris Farhi, The Independent

Pappé, Ilan. The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine. Oxford: Oneworld, 2006. 
“Pappe has opened up an important new line of inquiry into the vast and fateful subject of the Palestinian refugees.”  
-The Times Literary Supplement

Pappé, Ilan. A History of Modern Palestine: One Land, Two Peoples. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge UP, 2004.
“Ilan Pappe is a ‘new historian’ and this book is true to this label.”  -Ahron Bregman

Pappé, Ilan, Noam Chomsky, and Frank Barat. Gaza in Crisis: Reflections on Israel's War against the Palestinians. Chicago, IL: Haymarket, 2010. 
“Chomsky is a global phenomenon… he may be the most widely read American voice on foreign policy on the planet.”  –New York Times Book Review

Peled, Miko, and Alice Walker. The General's Son: Journey of an Israeli in Palestine. Charlottesville, VA: Just World, 2012. 
“There are few books on the Israel/Palestine issue that seem as hopeful to me as this one.”  –Alice Walker

Qumsiyeh, Mazin B. Popular Resistance in Palestine: A History of Hope and Empowerment. London: Pluto, 2011. 
“This is a timely and remarkable book written by the most important chronicler of contemporary popular resistance in Palestine.”  -Dr. Nur Masalha

Qumsiyeh, Mazin B. Sharing the Land of Canaan: Human Rights and the Israeli-Palestinian Struggle. London: Pluto, 2004. 
“…Brings to light many forgotten and willfully buried facts about the origins of the Israel-Palestinian conflict.”  -Norman Finkelstein

Raz, Avi. The Bride and the Dowry: Israel, Jordan, and the Palestinians in the Aftermath of the June 1967 War. New Haven: Yale UP, 2012. 
“Readable, scholarly, and engaging… A tight, convincing examination.  -Matthew Hughes, Middle East Journal

Rokach, Livia, and Moshe Sharett. Israel's Sacred Terrorism: A Study Based on Moshe Sharett's Personal Diary and Other Documents. Belmont, MA: Association of Arab-American U Graduates, 1980. 
“A valuable service to those who are interested in discovering the real world that lies behind official history.” –Noam Chomsky

Rothchild, Alice. Broken Promises, Broken Dreams: Stories of Jewish and Palestinian Trauma and Resilience. London: Pluto, 2007.
“Open, honest and compelling.”  -Sara Powell, Washington Report on Middle East Affairs

Sand, Shlomo, and Yael Lotan. The Invention of the Jewish People. London: Verso, 2009. 
“Extravagantly denounced and praised.”  -New York Times

Segev, Tom. 1967: Israel, the War, and the Year That Transformed the Middle East. New York: Metropolitan, 2007. 
“Deliciously detailed… A fascinating and devastating portrait of Israeli society filled with self-doubt then suddenly power and messianic power.”
-The New York Times

Shlaim, Avi. The Iron Wall: Israel and the Arab World. New York: W.W. Norton, 2000. 
“One of the best and most illuminating accounts of Arab-Israeli relations in years.”  -Yaron Ezrahi

Zaru, Jean, Diana L. Eck, and Marla Schrader. Occupied with Nonviolence: A Palestinian Woman Speaks. Minneapolis: Fortress, 2008. 
“Jean Zaru is an important Christian leader for the Palestinian Christian children community and for the world church….Hers is a voice we need to hear.”  –Rosemary Ruether

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Palestinian Rights

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To join MVPR's email list for action alerts and current news:  


  • Dr. Izzeldin Abeulaish, physician from Gaza, author of "I Shall Not Hate" his response to the killing of his three daughters and a niece by Israeli military

  • Jiries Atrash and Jane Sami Hilai, Tree of Life Conference in Portland, Maine

  • Mark Braverman, author & advocate for Kairos Palestine

  • Anna Baltzer on Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS), author of "Witness in Palestine: A Jewish American Woman in the Occupied Territories"

  • Nora Barrows Friedman, author of  "In Our Power"  

  • Marc Ellis, author, liberation theologian, and a retired University Professor of Jewish Studies, Professor of History and Director of the Center for Jewish Studies at Baylor University.

  • Tom Jackson, Documentary film maker of "Eyewitness Gaza"

  • Josh Ruebner, author of "Shattered Hopes - Obama's Failure to Broker Israeli-Palestinian Peace"

  • And several interviews with members of MVPR and other Maine citizens who have gone to Palestine and Israel